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OPS offers Australia’s most extensive range of used processing and handling equipment.

Our certified used equipment offering includes full service records and limited warranty, together with a broad marketplace for specific used equipment to meet customer’s requirements.

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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Used Equipment over New

Given the chance, most of us would love to buy all equipment shiny and new, without a scratch on it, and all the latest features. But all that comes at a significant cost, both upfront in the asking price price and GST, and hidden in depreciation. Apart from the cost, with so much quality used equipment for sale on the market at any given time, there’s really no need to buy new.  Here are our Top 5 big advantages to buying used equipment over new.

1. Lower Cost

Buying a new piece of equipment is a significant investment that can easily eat up money better spent on a second piece of gear, attachments, or maintaining equipment you already have. The cost of one new piece of equipment could equate to two or more used pieces, depending on availability and demand.

2. Initial Depreciation

New heavy equipment and trucks are no different than new cars in that the minute you drive them off the lot, they depreciate in value – as much as 40% in the first 12 months! By buying used equipment you’re avoiding that initial depreciation.

3. Used Equipment Holds its Value

Although used equipment has depreciated, it can hold its value if it’s well-maintained. When it’s time to sell, it’s actually possible to get close to what you paid if you sell at the right time, to a market where your equipment is in demand. So stick to a regular maintenance schedule, and document all service and repairs for future buyers to see.

4. Its Faster

Because used equipment is usually already in stock, getting it to your site and up and running is much quicker than it would be if you purchased a new piece of machinery. From order to delivery to installation, the typical total turnaround on used machinery is two or three weeks versus as much as six months or more with some new equipment. Think of the money you could be saving (and making) by having your much needed equipment in operation that much sooner.

5. It’s Environmentally Friendly

You probably don’t think about it all that much, but where does machinery go when it dies? Sure, some of its parts can be recycled, but those that can’t frequently end up sitting in landfills. If that’s not an eco-eye-opening enough incentive to consider buying used equipment, consider this fact: The production of new machinery involves all kinds of processes that can have potentially detrimental effects on the environment.